So do you come across an article, where author shares the Top 10 Resources for some particular topic. The point is if you do a simple Google Search, you will realize that these topic already appear on the first page of the google.

The goal for productivity is really simple…

  1. To match the exact search statement.
    Include your search keyword in double quotes. (“ ”)

This will return the result matching the sentence or the keyword in the double quote.

2. Remember studying logic gate AND / OR gate. We something similar in the Google Search too.

Suppose we have an array arr, {1,2,3,4,5}
We have to create two subset from the above array, let’s call those subset A and B, so the sum of subset(A) should be equal to subset(B).
Elements cannot be repeated, once allocated to any of the subset.

For example, if 1 is…

Election is going on, candidate with most votes wins.

Lets suppose, We have two candidate, Donald Trump (we will denote him using integer 2), Joe Biden (We will denote him with integer 1) and finally Kanye West with integer 0.

So the votes are stored in array, you have to…

Suppose we have an array, let’s call it arr. The following algorithm is implemented in the language C++.

int arr[]={4,5,6,1,2,3};

Now, the question is to rotate the array arr, which is currently is of size 6 by x elements.

Let’s assume x to be 3. Hence, we have to rotate…
Its always a good habit to read the documentation for better understanding of the release.
The article explains Python 3.9 Features which will be helpful for the developers and people starting with Python.

Download the latest version using the link given below.

Dictionary Union Merge

>> x={"key1":"value1", "key2":"value2"}

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